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Smoke rising….

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These are the last days of men, and I can see the smoke rising.  I feel it in the air; unholy times have come upon us and the people of God must rise up, and resist.  Too many, for too long have been content with so little.  And of these, I have been the worst offender.

The incense we burn is of no use to us if the passions of our souls do not burn in its fire, and the soul does not rise with the smoke, upward toward God.  The earthly tears of repentance are not enough to extinguish the flame; they can never be enough.  God grant us such heavenly tears that will extinguish the flames in our souls, and kindle us with the heavenly fire of love.

I dusted our new incense this morning with clay powder.  O, Lord, fashion me, just as I roll these blocks and sticks.  You are the fashioner of souls!  The work of my hands is pitiable before You, O Lord.  Sticks and stones.  What are sticks and stones in comparison?

“O Lord, how Great are Thy Works and Thy Thoughts are very deep.
A brutish person knoweth not; neither doth a fool underestand this.”
(Psalms 92:5-6)

Monks on the Holy Mountain - may they pray to God for me, a sinner.

Monks on the Holy Mountain - may they pray to God for me, a sinner.