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Adventures in Orthodox Fashions

Posted in Orthodox Clergy and Information, religion with tags , , , on October 8, 2008 by blackincense

I have been anxiously awaiting a new prayer rope from a wonderful Skete up north.  I ordered it two weeks ago and it finally came today.  It is  the most glorious thing I have ever seen.  When they said, “fancy”, they weren’t kidding.  I am at once over-joyed and ashamed of myself.

It is so very pretty and yet some part of me says that it shouldn’t be.  My old one fell apart, after 6 years and so I needed a new one.  I did not know what they meant by “fancy”.  Now I know.  I know for a fact that none of those nuns makes or wears any such thing for herself.  And I am ashamed of myself for wearing something more than what they allow themselves.

I intend to keep it and to write them a letter telling them how beautiful it is, and how this glorious work of their hands has blessed me.  But I am completely unworthy to wear it.  So along with my letter, I will place an order for all my friends.  Including an order for a very plain one, like they wear, for myself.  I will save this one, in my prayer box,  to remind me of these beautiful nuns and their glorious witness to the beauty of Christ and His mercy.

Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Prayers by the Lake

Prayers by the Lake