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More Biblical Perfume Nonsense

Posted in Orthodox Christianity, religion with tags , , , , on October 26, 2008 by blackincense

“Lillian” (not her real name)  has written to inform me that I am “so wrong and decieved” about my last blog on Biblical scent.  She wants me to know that “God is calling His people out of Babylon and is calling them to create Biblical perfumes as of old…”

Really?  “As of old…”   hmmmm….I am not often stirred to irritation but this sort of thing really irks me.  The wording of this letter is pretentious at best, condescending at middle, and blasphemous at worst.  I can’t really understand how God would think that making Biblical oils in these last days, would accomplish much.  Not when there are little things like REPENTENCE, feeding the hungry, REPENTENCE, serving the poor, REPENTENCE, giving out glasses of water, visiting the sick that are so pressing! I think I forgot to mention repentence.

“Lillian” goes on to direct me to this website where we are assured by an unnamed merchant (who is making a hefty profit on the Biblical oils he/she/they are selling on the site) that God is indeed angry at the world and is demanding (rather like a four year old who hasn’t gotten his imperial way) that his followers begin dowsing themselves with “Biblical scents and fragrances” and spend their time (and lots of money of course) recreating them.  This is nothing short of nonsense and blasphemy.  I quote now from that website which will not be named here, but if you want the link, write to me and ask:

….”This page will be updated as the Holy Spirit leads.  First of all, we would like to say this journey to discover all that the Lord wants to reveal to His people about the Holy Incense has been intense. Some of the ingredients used are very difficult to obtain and it has only been by God’s grace, mercy, and timing we have located them. …”

Oh puhleeze!  “Difficult to obtain..”??? What ??? You have to be kidding…Most people have coriander in their kitchen spice rack, and while saffron is pretty expensive, you can get just about anything you want from any herbalist shop.  Obviously, though, I am a sinner, and this person has somehow been “privileged” by God to obtain these things.

The Lord’s time to release the Holy Incense and other biblical incenses is very important.   God has been waiting for the Church to mature. The Holy Incense represents the fragrance, fire and power of the Lord and is sacred…..

“How To Make The Holy Incense

Although we can not give you the specific recipe or formula the Lord has given us to make the Holy Incense, the Lord has promoted us to encourage each believer to seek the Lord in prayer for guidance and direction.

We do offer all the ingredients you will need to make the Holy Incense.  Please keep in mind that the correct interpretation of the scripture is very important when making the Holy Incense.”

(Excuse me while I go to the loo to puke.)

Well, I am a Christian, and this is, basically, CRAP. Shame on these people for taking advantage of the gullible.As if all the above were not enough, the author of this website, the merchant who is selling all this stuff or exorbitant (and really out of range) prices, goes on to tell us that:

…”Anointing oils can be used as a symbolic representation of our faith in Jesus Christ to answer our prayers through divine intervention; consecration, sanctification, applied as a healing salve or ointment that has true medicinal attributes, used as a perfume for hygiene purposes, funeral or embalming practices, or preparing weapons for warfare. Anointing oil and ointments have multiple applications as you will see in the scripture references below.”

This is nothing else other than one thing:  witchcraft disguised as Christianity and it angers me that anybody who calls themselves  Christian would even suggest such a thing.

The annointing oils and incense used in the Orthodox Church bear no resemblance whatsoever to practices such as these, and moreover, the practices of the Church with regard to incense, our use of annointing oil, chrism, or anything “smelly good” we use in the Church would NEVER be thrown around in this sort of manner.  We do not throw holy water on things because it acheives something we “want” or because it’s effect is in any way”magical”.  The line here is not “fine —-it’s as wide as the Jordan River.

In Orthodox Christianity, which is the only completely historical Christian Church dating to the time of the Apostles, annointing oil is a tool of the Sacraments of Chrismation and Holy Unction.  These are to be administered by priests, and the oil itself is blended by Bishops themselves or by monastics. (As far as I am aware.)  No perfumer such as myself has the clerical authority to create such a blend, according to the Canons of the Church, and throw it around on people, places and things for some sort of magical purpose, especially if it is couched in Protestant language of the 21st century.

It is true that we can be given or buy other types of oils from Orthodox sources (monasteries, parishes, etc.) in order to annoint ourselves for prayerful purposes that always speak of repentance, but for no other reason!  I have a bottle of oil from the vigil lamp that hangs over the relics of St. John the Wonderworker, which was given to me (with a blessing!) by Fr. Nikolai at the Cathedral there.

Secondly, Holy Incense, is prayerfully made, and is used by everyone, and anyone and while our method of making incense is not generally publicized to the non-Orthodox, it is not exactly a “secret” in the Orthodox world.  Any Orthodox layperson will be taught to make it if he/she asks and receives a blessing from their priest to learn it.  Christian incense, is an art that has been perfected by monastics out of necessity, not from the canon law.  It has always been the job of monks/nuns simply because most laypeople do not have the time or the energy to make it.  (Physically, it can be demanding and “humbling” work.)   So monks and nuns have become traditionally associated with the art, because they did the job no one else wanted to do.  Not because it was the province or privilege of “a few” who have been “led by the Holy Spirit”….Certainly it is holy and the work they do is “led by the Holy Spirit”, but we do not say that laypeople who make  it are not, or imply that somehow we are the only ones holy enough to understand it.

Dear “Lillian” –

I am very sorry you have been led to believe these things about Biblical scents and fragrances.  These ideas are promoted by someone who has an agenda:  namely to sell more Bibilical scents and fragrances.  Such people are many in the world.  I hope you will prayerfully re-consider your position and that you will visit an Orthodox Church in your area, to ask a priest about the proper Christian attitudes and beliefs about these things.

I will pray for you.

God bless you and keep you in Christ,