The Sergius-Bob Series of Reviews: Part 1

One of my dearest friends sent me several incense blends to review.  Naturally these are “competitors” but I really see them as fellow friends and as moral sign posts along the way rather than as competitors.

This review is for Trappist Monastery Incense, Melleray Blend.  This is a granular incense, not too fine, not too coarsse.  Its granular formula lets me test in several ways but I will stick to the plain old incense review format.

Melleray Blend, by Trappist Monks is a blend of  2 main ingredients, and made by the monks and nuns of Assumption Abbey, a Roman Catholic monastery/convent.  These two main ingredients are Ethiopian frankincense (white) and Indian myrrh, blended with:

Cedar oil

Eucalyptus oil

Sandalwood oil

Lemon oil.

There are 3 levels to this incense and it changes very rapidly — but one thing that stays with you is the cedar.  This granular incense is probably cured for about 2 weeks, which gives it that “fresh burned” flavor and the feeling that you are in the same room with Thomas Aquinas.  There is no floral in this scent which is a welcome change (to me anyway) from the typical Catholic liturgical incense.  The Trappists (whoever they are) seem to want to go to the desert, but are afraid to venture all the way in it, which is why they pull back on the sandalwood.  I guess they are afraid that non-Catholics might find it too “eastern” which is why they don’t “go there.”

Frankly, I think they should.  “Go there” I mean.  Christianity has nothing to be ashamed of about its origin in the East.  That’s where it all started anyway.

But aside from all that, this is a very earthy, down to earth, honest-to-goodness, good incense.  This is the highest quality granular incense I’ve ever seen, and I was really glad to have an opportunity to try it.  If you are looking for a granular incense, that doesn’t smother the flame with overpowering woods, this is a good one.

about $25 per pound.  Not bad for a blend like this.

Trappist Incense- Melleray Blend

Trappist Incense- Melleray Blend



2 Responses to “The Sergius-Bob Series of Reviews: Part 1”

  1. desertseeker Says:

    Your reviews really deserve a wider audience!

  2. I saw this incense used in Saturday night vigils for the first time at New Melleray Abbey. I was so impressed by the service and the etheral addition of the incense in the unique way it is presented by the Trappists that I purchased one of several of this variety from their gift shop to take home as a little memory treasure of this amazing place.

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