Alpha Inventions —What the heck?

I have no idea how this thing works, but it’s really rather cool.  Basically, all I can understand is that it is a “window” into the world of bloggers in “real time”.  It showed up on my stats as a “visitor” and somehow I got added to their site, and suddenly I had over 1000 visitors in one day.  It was BIZARRE, and I couldn’t figure it out .  Finally, I went to: Http:// and looked at their explanation.  The kid who invented this is apparently just a friendly kid with a lot of time and knowledge, who figured out how to bring bloggers together, in the same “real time” so that they could find blogs they like to read.  That’s it.  No catch apparently.

Check it out for yourself if you have a few minutes to waste.  I found a few blogs worth reading and if nothing else, it gives you a rather new and interesting view of the “world” outside your window. Um…monitor.


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