Lay aside all earthly cares….

From time to time, pieces of the Liturgy really “jump” to my ears.  So much of my life is spent around my nose, that I forget my other senses and I often think that it would have been a blessing if I had been born blind.

My eyes are a distraction.  My taste buds are completely corrupt from overindulgence. My sense of touch is distorted and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between blown glass and textiles if someone didn’t point it out to me bluntly.   My ears are numb to the glory of God, because I chatter incessantly about unimportant things.

But , yesterday, my ears caught something important:  Lay aside all earthly cares…..

What are my earthly cares?  Financial problems like everyone else.  Resentments over what I cannot change.In short, everything that comes between me and God.  There is no help for me in this life.  It is only the grace of God that allows me to experience life and living in a way that is God-pleasing.  I have no power over anything.  I am completely powerless.  Even when it comes to my nose.

What smells “good” to me, is only because God allows breath in me.  Only because He continues everlasting, so I continue to be, to exist, to have being.  I am humbled by his grace and his mercy.


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