Night Blooming Jasmine: A lesson in spirituality….

I am working on the latest batch.  Blend, bottle and cure.  Blend, bottle and cure.  The repetition of the work begins to numb my senses and I was starting to wonder if it’s even worth it.  My nose was busy categorizing each formula, making sure it was exactly right.  One flower caught my nose and it seemed to overpower the others.  This doesn’t happen very often, so I went back and I checked the formula.  I hadn’t missed anything and yet this one flower seemed stronger than the others which, according to the precise formulation should not be.  Night blooming jasmine.
I tried again and this time, it seemed to fade back in, slowly.  I went for the coffee beans to clear my senses.  Leaving the bench, I went and picked up my book and tried to read.  But my nose kept nagging at me.  I could still smell it.  Went back to the coffee beans.
I knew which flower it was and that was not what bothered me.  What bothered me was that it should not over power the other ingredients.  I was starting to worry that maybe I was losing my nose as a perfumer.  I went back to the bench, and started to work again on a different blend, but I could still smell it.
Night blooming jasmine is not the world’s prettiest bush.  It releases its fragrance only at night.  In secret.
Then I realized, so it is the same with a suffering soul.  It’s beauty is not outward.  The suffering soul is at its most beautiful, when it releases its suffering to God alone.  In secret.
As for my nose, it’s recovered its senses.  Blend, bottle and cure.  Blend, bottle and cure.
Night blooming jasmine -- God's secret flower.

Night blooming jasmine -- God's flower


2 Responses to “Night Blooming Jasmine: A lesson in spirituality….”

  1. Do you know why I love your labor of love above all others providing incense out there? One, everything you stand for, where you get your products and where you refuse to get your products, and two, most importantly to me, it is a big part of your spiritual life and it shows through.

    You’ve reminded me of St. Isaac the Syrian. “It is better to praise God in solitary mourning than to praise Him among the congregation of men.”

  2. God bless you Isaac. I am humbled by your kindness and your words. You are a gentle soul and that is the Orthodox way, above all. I want you to come out to California and bring your friends, someday. I want to take you to faire with me so people can see what a true Orthodox Christian is like.

    Much love to you in Christ,

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